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Modern House

By assessing the project in detail we can assure that there will be no surprises, no extra costs, and most importantly that you get the finish that you want.

Even if you are an experienced developer or starting a project for the very first time, here at SRS we will give you the confidence to build.

We can quickly assess your project needs and deliver exactly what you require.

Below are the steps we take in working on your project.


We provide a service to our clients that is
second to none, from
start to finish. 

 SRS ensure that time is taken to fully understand your key drivers to enable you to achieve your end goal for each project.

We will assess:

- Are the works required?

-- Is a project viable?

- Does the design work with the budget?

- Does the project stack up financially?

With extensive collective experience, we can project manage a build from start to finish, assisting in de-risking a project, identifying opportunities, as well as ensuring all trades and sub-contractors are appointed to complete the necessary work as required.

Projects are kept on track by recognising and planning out risk and effectively managing project disruptions.

Once the clients drivers are understood, a delivery strategy is produced to ensure a successful project.




Luxury House
Building Under Construction

Our Core Values

The core values at SRS are

- Ensuring that all stakeholders are well informed.

- Transparency throughout all project work.

- Ensuring that all key drivers for the project are fulfilled.

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