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Land Appraisals 

Project Management



Estimates are a measure of quantities associated with any aspect of the construction process, whether it be a full estimate of a new build house, or just an estimate of the plastering works.


By using our estimating service we determine the quantities and associated costs that a contractor will be required to undertake to complete the project according to the contract documents.    

Land Appraisals

Each land acquisition is different and should be approached in this way. 

A land appraisal will improve site acquisition decisions, with comprehensive information about your development site. 

We review the local market to benchmark your scheme, giving you accurate and independent evidence which allows you to make informed decisions.

Cost Plans

With any construction project cost planning is an essential part of the process.

Having a clear understanding of costs enables you to make clear and decisive decisions when embarking on a new project.

- Budget your project

- Control Costs

- Understand your risks & opportunities

Take Offs / Measurement

Allow SRS to take the stress of measuring a job away from you to allow you to continue with the day to day running of your business.

We assist subcontractors with trade specific measurements, or developers with builders take offs for material lists and pricing documents.

Project Management

We offer a proactive and hands-on approach to development delivery for residential projects in the Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire areas.

​With our collective team experience, we can project manage a build from start to finish, assisting in de-risking a project, identifying opportunities, as well as ensuring all trades and sub-contractors are appointed to complete the necessary work.


Projects are kept on track by recognising and planning out risk and effectively managing project disruptions. 

Development Viability Reports

A report that will allow key decision makers to assess the viability of any development from a small refurbishment to a multi million pound housing scheme. 


These reports will assess the local market for sales and construction costs, providing you with information that will assist you in deciding if a project is a viable investment opportunity.

- Is a project viable?

- Does the design work with the budget?

- Does the project stack up financially?

Tender Submissions

Do you need help with the paperwork side of running a business? SRS can assist you with ensuring your tender returns are full and complete, giving you the best chance of being awarded a contract.


We can assist with pricing, contract review and risk identification for your tender opportunities.

This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business in the knowledge that your tenders are still being submitted.

Monthly Valuations

Here at SRS we can help you with your monthly work valuations, ensuring applications for payments are in on time with complete back up and works measures.


This can help with cash flow and assists greatly with anticipated final accounts.

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